Who We Are

Founded in 2016 Gravity Risk Consultants International has a wide range of expertise that places this organization at the forefront of the security industry. With combined experience that spans military security, mining security, risk management and close protection as well as economics and global business.

This unique dual perspective, led to the desire to establish an organization that would change the face of security in South Africa. Through the right resources we can understand the perspectives of both a client and supplier in the security industry.

Gravity Risk Consultant’s unique value proposition is the formulation of strategies that stem from a full understanding of client needs, is the missing link in the industry. At Gravity Risk Consultants we pay special attention to the new techniques and compliance procedures that are required. This allows us to continue to satisfy the needs of clients in ever- changing climates.

Our Core Services

  • Security Risk Consultancy

  • Organisational Security

  • Mining Security

  • Close Protection Services

  • Security Guarding

  • Electronics & Monitoring

  • Cyber Security

  • Monitoring & Armed Response

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Our Values and Ethos

GRC at Work

Why Choose Us?

Honour, confidentiality, communication, passion, fairness and learning are cardinal pillars which Gravity Risk Consultants is founded upon, through these pillars Gravity Risk Consultants seeks to restore dignity to the security profession by providing you with highly competent security personnel who have undergone highly rigorous training to ensure clinical execution of each and every area we operate in from access control to close protection.

Communication between all levels of our business seeks to enable that every single employee even those on the ground level are well versed with the higher level security strategy of the organization of a whole. This big picture thinking differentiates Gravity Risk Consultants from its competitors.


GRAVITY RISK CONSULTANTS has the vision to provide high quality- physical, investigative, personal, technological and advisory security services to the corporate, government and private markets.

To be a trusted and preferred service provider. Gravity strives to achieve service excellence by harmoniously and effectively aligning implementation plans with client policies and business practices. A business autonomous to change in the environment and a world class security solution to customer needs.

Gravity is a quality driven business which has its values and ethos intrenched into its policies and organisational culture. Increased profits and assets are necessities to business success and improved quality output.

Gravity’s roots are in South Africa yet aims to bear fruits internationally and in that, provide improved standards of service provision and play a part in alleviating South African economic and unemployment needs. Gravity endeavours daily to maintain integrity within client, public, and industry circles by leading with passion, solid principles and data-driven practices.

Value Proposition

With our collective expertise, we formulate affordable strategies that stem from a full understanding of client risk, security need factors, paying special attention to best practice techniques and compliance procedures in the security industry.


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