September 2020

Security Options For Business, What’s right for me?


It can be difficult as a business owner to decide on how best to protect your investments and choosing what improvements to make to your security features just adds another big box to tick on your agenda. That is why we want to help you secure your business in any or all of the [...]

Security Options For Business, What’s right for me?2020-10-02T11:09:44+02:00

Why You Need Close Protection


South African Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, delivered a speech on the 31st of July 2020 to mark the annual release of the 2020/2019 crime statistics. In this speech the minister did well to focus on the positive and indeed there were some positives such as a reduction in common theft and robbery with [...]

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August 2020

Gravity Risk Consultants – What Sets Us Apart


It’s no secret that South Africa has a dire safety and security issue. Whether it is the result of under resourced police services or criminals in the country becoming emboldened, South Africans have accepted the need for private security firms. This has led to an explosion in the number of security companies and so [...]

Gravity Risk Consultants – What Sets Us Apart2020-09-08T10:41:34+02:00

State of Security in South Africa


South Africa has made significant progress in the last 20+ years, however, one area that it has failed is the implementation of effective security measures, leaving its citizens and businesses vulnerable to crime. With the SAPS spread thin, South Africans have come to rely on private security solutions for protection. We at Gravity Risk [...]

State of Security in South Africa2020-08-07T12:56:55+02:00
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