Tracing Services

Our vast access to data and various data sources allows us to be both fast and efficient, we offer a cost-effective solution to companies big and small. We specialize in finding businesses and members or directors. There are many companies in South Africa offering tracing as a service but we at Gravity Risk Consultants pride ourselves on being one of the best we have had great success with many industries locating individuals and businesses. We offer a no pay no trace service along with some innovative solutions that afford our clients of an economical service that keeps them coming back.

Our tracing services include:

  • Debtor Tracing

  • Business/Company Tracing

Debtor Tracing

We find your missing and absconding debtors providing you with their contact telephone, residential, employment and any contactable details of those debtors. Normally it can be a difficult task for a person who does not have the know how to track the missing debtors who varnishes in thin air without a trace – changing employment, telephone details, address, and any contact details that may be known.

Business/Company Tracing

We locate corporate offices, searching and verifying the registered details of a company – its owners, directors, location and any other relevant information that may be needed to connect with it for many reasons.

Affiliations & Databases We Use

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