Background Screening/Vetting & Verification Services

Gravity Risk Consultants offers a full bouquet of background checks and vetting services to organisations. This ensures that candidates do not falsify information.

  • ID Verification

  • Bank Account Verification

  • Drivers’ License and PDP Verification

  • Biometric Criminal Record Checks

  • Credit Checks

  • Qualification Verification

  • Employment Reference Check

  • Deeds Office Search

  • Company Office (CIPC) – Company Registration Number

What We Do

ID Verification:

Key Careers will help you authenticate the Identity documents of your employees and business partners.

2-24 hours

Bank Account Verification

Do not be a victim of fraud! If you suspect or want to confirm any bank account, look no further. We will supply you with the name, bank, and code
of such accounts. All we need from you is to make the account number available.

24-48 hours

Drivers’ License and PDP Verification:

Verify driver’s licence status, code status as well as endorsements

3-5 working days

Biometric Criminal Record Checks:

we use electronic fingerprint machine, Afiswitch to verify the candidate’s criminal status with the South African Police Service. This will ensure you identify candidates who might be risky to your organisation and to help safeguard organisation reputation

24-48 hours

Credit Checks:

verify the candidate’s/ Company credit history through TransUnion, Experian and XDS credit bureau repots

3-5 working days

Qualification Verification:

we conduct verification checks for secondary and tertiary qualifications as well as short courses both locally and globally.

3-5 working days

Employment Reference Check:

Employment history checks are important to verify the information supplied on the candidate’s resume. We contact past employers to validate the information, including company name, position, start and end date of employment.

24-48 hours

Deeds Office Search:

When you want to confirm the owner of a property but do not know how to go about it, come to us. Provide us with the property’s address or a person’s name and ID, we will tell you all the properties they own.

2-24 hours

Company Office (CIPC) – Company Registration Number:

Company directorships and CIPC information at your request, no more hassles just quick accurate information.

2-24 hours

Affiliations & Databases We Use

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