Corporate & Industrial Guarding

Guarding – Whether residential, commercial or industrial site, our guards are there to ensure your safety on site. Our guards are PSIRA registered and have gone through thorough credit and criminal background checks.  We offer guarding services to both corporate, commercial and industrial clients. We also cover special events, ensuring you are safe under our watch. Our guards undergo extensive training and development aligned with global industry standards to ensure the highest effectiveness and efficiency.

We also monitor our security guards electronically, by utilizing real-time patrol systems that alert our control room of any irregularities that may occur and are supported by 24-hour monitoring and armed response back-up.

Types Of Security Guarding

Mining & Industrial

Our services offer a strong focus on safety and the development of processes to ensure streamline of operations without hindrance or compromise. Our goal is to ensure clients are able to reach their production quotas on time.


The safety and comfort of residents is our top priority. We strive to uphold commitments to body corporates and exceed service level requirements. Our services include access control and diligent, effective patrols.


We offer a range of services that provide security and peace of mind. Professionalism in exercising our duties and maintaining the integrity of client information and assets is our primary goal.


We focus on the receiving and dispatch of stock to ensure goods and sales alike are brought “on charge”. We also conduct both scheduled and random stock audits.

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